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Private Lessons

At Plyler Piano Studio, we specialize in a classical approach to establish a strong foundation and healthy technique. Music theory is also a part of each student's curriculum.
The instructor makes it a priority get to know the student and include music tailored specifically to his or her interests. We believe in using various styles to keep students interested and excited about music. Plyler Piano Studio is a member of the National Music Teacher's Association as well as the American College of Musicians National Piano Guild.  ​ 

Young Beginner 

Ages 4-7. Students explore rhythm, steady beat, and piano playing along with songs and games.  Best suited to children who can read full sentences. Interview required for young students under 6 to determine student's readiness for lessons.


​Beginner- Advanced 
Ages 6-adult.  Lessons and curriculum are tailored to the individual student. Students study a variety of musical styles as well as theory.  45 or 60 minute sessions are advised for students 7 years and older after their first year. 

Theory Lessons

Ages 8-adult.  Theory lessons are available for students who wish for a more in-depth study than time allows in piano lessons.  Piano lessons within the Plyler Piano Studio are not required.  Study focuses on written work and ear training practice.  Students learn to identify harmonic progressions by listening and by analyzing.  Students also analyze the pieces they are working on in piano lessons.  











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