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Results are directly related to how often a student practices, and the quality of a student's practice. 



We believe in well rounded students and therefore applaud all activities enjoyed by your child.  However, we truly believe that in order to be successful, and improve one's skill at the piano, a student must be able to have the time to practice it at least 5 days out of each week. 

To make the task of practicing as agreeable as possible, several guidelines are recommended:

1. The students will have practice goals to accomplish each week.  All students need to read their assignment book to make sure they have accomplished these goals.  The approximate time the student should practice each day will be noted in the assignment book.


2. Effective practice involves correct notes and correct rhythm. If notes or rhythm are incorrect, the time is wasted, and often produces negative results.  Students must practice slowly enough for notes and rhythm to be correct and begin with hands-alone practice if needed.  Students nearing the end of the preparatory level and beyond should practice in small sections.  Very little is accomplished by playing through an entire song over and over.


3. Establish a specific and routine time to begin practice each day.  Perhaps immediately after school, or following supper.


4. Ensure there are no interruptions during practice such as friends, phone calls, or demands that other chores be accomplished.


5. The practice location should not be in the middle of a major family traffic area in the house.  Parents and siblings can unwittingly contribute to interrupting the practice session.


6. Often students have some written activities to complete as part of their practice requirement for the week.  Parents, with or without a musical background, can check and make sure this is done.


7. Above all, be encouraging!  Music is one of the purest forms of self-expression.  Take time and listen to your child play and be proud of what they are sharing with you.










Don't practice harder; practice smarter

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